Emergency first aid courses

Emergency first aid courses

Our NEW emergency first aid at work courses meet the latest guidance from the HSE.
This course is perfect for low risk work places such as shops and offices.

First aid at Work Courses

First aid at Work Courses

Our First Aid at Work courses meet the new HSE guidance released in Oct 2013. The course is perfect for higher risk environments, or low risk environments with larger numbers of employees.

Paediatric First aid courses

Paediatric First aid courses

This 12 hour Paediatric first aid course meets the full requirements of the EYFS. It is the perfect paediatric first aid training programme for anyone registering with Ofsted.

First aid courses in Hertfordshire, Essex and North London

Principal Training is the UK’s leading provider of Brain Friendly first aid courses.

We not only deliver first aid courses in Hertfordshire, Essex and North London, we also deliver first aid courses across the UK to our national clients.

Our workplace first aid courses meet the latest HSE guidance; we offer both regulated and non regulated first aid courses. We also deliver Ofsted recognised paediatric first aid courses.

If you are looking for first aid courses in Hertfordshire, Essex and North London for your workplace, and you want to make sure your learners are truly competent at the end of the training; you need a brain friendly first aid course from Principal Training.

Which first aid course do you need?

There are a range of first aid courses that you can attend. The most important thing is that you select a course that covers the most appropriate age range and injuries and illnesses that you will face.

Our main courses are outlined below; this will help you to identify the most relevant first aid course for your needs.

Emergency First aid at Work courses

Our most popular first aid course this 1 day course is for those needing a first aid course for their workplace or their hobbies. The one day programme is the minimum training requirement of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Perfect for those needing to treat adults in low rsk environments such as offices and shops or for thse working in small teams in high risk activities; for example a 4 person team in construction.

First aid at work course

The full 3 day workplace first aid course; this course is for those working in offices and other low risk environments where there are more than 50 employees. The First aid at work course is also perfect for  high risk environments, such as construction where there are more than 5 employees.

Schools first aid

The Schools first aid course is for primary schools. In these settings Many staff will have Emergency first aid at work training, however that course only deals with adults. The full Paediatric first aid course is quite in depth and is longer (2 days). The Schools first aid course was written in line with guidance from the Department for education.

In response to several campaigns to have first aid taught in schools – we have laiunched our “First aid – Train a Teacher programme” this programme will help teachers to deliver first aid courses in their own schools.

EYFS Paediatric First aid courses

The 2 day paediatric first aid course is the first aid course for nannies and au pairs as well as other child care practitioners such as Childminders and Nursery staff. We deliver these courses for small groups of childminders in their own home through to county wide contracts.

Baby first aid courses

Perfect for new parents, grandparents and babysitters of all ages. These courses are held at our venues in Enfield but can also be held in your own home. Ideal for groups from 2 – 8 people we often deliver these courses in the evening or on weekends.

Still unsure about which first aid course you need? Why not call us on 020 8373 1867

First aid courses

First aid courses

Our first aid courses are not only for the workplace, they are also perfect for those working in the early years setting as well as parents.

Other courses

Other courses

We offer a range of health and safety courses for those in work, and those aiming to gain qualifications to help them into work.